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Orlando-Winter Park, Chapter #132
Founded:  February 29, 1968
Chartered: August 31, 1968

 A cultural, nonprofit chartered Chapter of Ikebana International
with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan

Sakura, Cherry Blossoms ~ the international symbol of Ikebana International

The objective of this Chapter shall be to stimulate, cultivate and perpetuate the study of Ikebana, related arts and culture, by demonstrations and public exhibitions.  Likewise, the chapter aims "to strengthen the relationships among teachers and students of Ikebana with a deeper purpose of establishing better relationships among all peoples through the adopted motto “Friendship through Flowers.”        

 Constitution & Bylaws

Rev. February 13, 2003 & March 12, 2009


Ikebana International Founder
Ellen Gordon Allen
Tokyo, 1956

        "The object of this Association (Ikebana International) shall be to promote mutual understanding and friendship between Japan & other countries through Ikebana (the art of Japanese flower arrangement) & other related arts of Japan." 

       The Chapter meets every second Thursday once monthly at the Harry P. Leu Gardens located on 1920 N. Forest Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803-1537.  Call 407-246-2620 or click the link below for directions.  Each session features a program and a light lunch hosted by the membership.  Chapter members &/or invited experts present programs that are planned in advance to learn Ikebana, but also related Japanese arts.

        You can access a brief introduction to the Chapter & directions to Leu Gardens by clicking:

Chapter 132 Information Flyer
2.    http://www.leugardens.org/directions/




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